Take The Bank – bank robbery

Welcome to Take The Bank slot developed by BetSoft and released on October 29, 2019! Steal the banknotes and run as fast as you can before the police catch up to you in this thrilling adventure with lots of earning potential! And you can start playing right now at Pin Up Casino!

Features Take the Bank

Win up to 225x your stake on this 5-reel, 75-payline slot machine, you’ll advance into a discreet and mysterious universe while city dwellers sleep peacefully, you’re about to commit a crime every gangster would dream of . holding. Scrap, bomb, safe, banknotes, gold and diamond are the main symbols of Take The Bank slot machine.

Take The Bank slot machine offers a special progression mode played over 10 rounds. The joker, represented by the thief, will be able to replace all symbols in the game, except police cars, this works in a totally innovative way. Every time a robber appears on the reels, he turns into a wild bomb. These bombs remain in place, but do not affect the game until the counter of the main bomb present outside the reels is reset. The counter starts at 10, then decreases each round. When it reaches zero, all the wild bombs on the screen will explode to bring you incredible payouts. Then, when the wilds take effect, all bombs will disappear and the counter will return to 10.

Bonus program

Police car will complete your bonus feature, find at least 3 of them to trigger free spins bonus, you will get 15 free spins. During free spins, the bomb counter is paused and the mode rewards the player with 5, 7 or 10 Wilds per spin anywhere on the reels. Each round, Wilds will move like Random Wilds.

If you can’t wait any longer, you can buy the bonus right now by clicking the “Buy Resource” button. Control the number of wilds you see per spin, the free spins bonus amount depends on your stake, the amount will also depend on the number of wilds selected to trigger the bonus, click the Buy Asset button for more information.

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